When we do reviews, it is normally on a full album project, or resource. Today, however, I wanted to share something that is just a single song resource. Normally a single isn't something I investigate simply because of the time and work it takes to do a review. This song, however, caught my attention instantly when I heard it, so I investigated further.
The song "Show Me The Way To Your Heart" is a new single just releasing from ION Records. You can find it on their front page at ionworship.org The song is a captivating call both to us and God. To us because it invites us into the prayer with its writers to seek God's heart and call on him even as we make our journey towards him. A call to God in that the song itself is a prayer "show me the way to Your heart".
The song is presented crisp, and clear, with the vocals of veteran worship leader Brian Doerksen executing his trademark pensive call and response styling. The musical backdrop is provided by Doerksen's own band including the great rhythms of Calum Rees and Peter Davyduck (drums and fretless bass), with Brian Theissen on electric guitar adding melodic hook and with a meaty center of volume through the instrumental segment.
Songwriters Adam Villiers and Pete Beaumont give us lyrics that are as easy to sing as they are to listen to, and I found myself joining in almost instantly. In fact, the reason I am writing this review is because the song quickly became my prayer for the hours and days that followed the first listen. Wonderfully infectious, the melody and theme of this song deserves a listen from any church which is looking for exceptional songs of longing that are perfect as congregational prayer-songs. As a worship leader, I have already begun to learn the song and practice it for the next opportunity I have to introduce a new song.
I'd encourage you to listen to it as well and see if it doesn't open your heart and lift you along with its prayerful melodies and lyrics. The song is available from ION directly at http://ionworship.org/ . For the price of a single song, plus a free chord chart included, you can hardly go wrong. An excellent resource!
New Bonus Video - "Show Me The Way To Your Heart" - songwriter Adam Villiers and worship leader Brian Doerksen demonstrate the song and show how to play it.
Show us the way to Your heart. Yes, Lord!
In Him,
Kim Gentes, Worship Leader & Songwriter, USA